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SKOOPED Moving & Delivery Services

There is a short, convenient process here at SKOOPED.


First we begin with a free in-home consultation that includes an overview of services offered, including all moving supplies for an additional charge.  Customers can then arrange a full pack with SKOOPED, or pack all belongings themselves and arrange for pick-up. During this step we suggest removal of junk or items you would like to arrange for a donation drop off.  We then coordinate your move date/time/location. Our team will arrive early to ensure items are set and packed in a safe and orderly fashion, and help with any last minute preparations (if applicable). You also have the option of arranging pickup and delivery of new items to your residence. 

We believe moving can be used as an opportunity to “refresh” your home and we would love to help you accomplish that. Providing these very important elements helps SKOOPED provide a sense of relief from what could be an extremely stressful transition.


  • Packing (disposal of boxes after move is an option as well)

  • Disassembly and reassembly of furniture

  • Short and long distance moves

  • Donation drop-off and trash removal

  • Pick-up and delivery of new items

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